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Horsing Around in New Jersey: The Horse Lover's Guide to Everything Equine (Rutgers University Press) $19.95

The first guidebook to everything equine in the Garden State, this book is for horse lovers--from the novice who yearns to go horseback riding but doesn't know how or where to begin, to the experienced equestrian seeking new trails, campsites, and challenges.

Learn about where to take riding lessons, rent a horse, and obtain riding permits; discover New Jersey's 77 horse trails described in detail; where to watch or participate in sports on horseback; safety and first aid tips; educational opportunities, 4-H, and pony clubs; equine employment; and lots more!

Loads of photographs; information on equine associations and breed registries; equipment sources; as well as interesting facts guarantee a good read - and ride!

Reviews of Horsing Around in New Jersey: The Horse Lover's Guide to Everything Equine

"The author, Arline Zatz, has made guides to New Jersey her specialty, and here she does her part, with a sprinkling of exclamation points, to add a hint of excitement. . . .Ms. Zatz returns to what she does best, thoroughly covering first aid, suggestions on how to choose instructors, a listing of trails in the Garden State and even horse-related entertainment. The material is well organized and concise, with plenty of maps and Internet addresses for further information. . . .It is about time riders here got an indispensable guide of their own." The New York Times; Monica Drake.

"This long awaited book will be a great resource to the thousands of equestrians of New Jersey and will in no doubt lead to greater awareness of, and usage on, the beautiful and rustic trails found in the Garden State." Craig Della Penna, author of 24 Great Rail-Trails of New Jersey

"I loved Horsing Around in New Jersey. It sits next to my computer with tabs sticking out the sides marking the places I most want to go to. Different colors tell me if the trails are local, or if I have to travel. Many of the places named in the book, I have been to before, and Arline has been right on the money with her info. So that tells me that the info provided is pretty accurate, which helps when going to a new trail." Anne Kusmich "Hidden Creek Farm" (Hampton, NJ USA)

"This book surprises even those of us who deal with horses in New Jersey every day. There are wondeful nuggets of information which makes one want to get the horse on the trailer and do things. The author has an upbeat and good humored voice that is very enjoyable as well as informative. This is a must-have if you are a horse enthusiast. Read it and ride!
Lucia S. Huebner (Hopewell, New Jersey)

"Finally! The best kept secret is out; NJ is more than horse racing. A nonhorse owning enthusiast has written an unbiased book about NJ's State Animal, the horse. The greatest part of the book is it includes public trails, and a list of various clubs/organizations/associations. The economic impact of trail horses has been expanded and NJ has a horse book on the bookselves. Bravo! Thanks Arline for an impartial book listing from A to Z (Adoption through Winslow Wildlife Management Area) the various ways horses are entwined in our lives in New Jersey,  Janice Elsishans (Newton, NJ) -

 "This book puts into layman's language many mysteries of the horse world, and provides a shockingly complete guide to horses in New Jersey - a state which has a surprising amount of horse (equestrian, I can now say!) heritage and activity. I am amazed at how much is packed into this book, and how widely it ranges without losing its focus. Definitely a must-buy for anyone who likes horses - like my daughter!"
Wayne Paterson (Teaneck, NJ)

"Horsing Around in New Jersey" notes Star Ledgercolumnist Joan Lowell Smith, "is the ultimate resource justifying the 'everything equine' designation. This takes you on all 77 state trails, spanning 900 miles, providing specific details. Bridal path etiquette is stressed step-by-step (hoof-by-hoof). She tells you where special therapeutic riding prgrams are located and riding stables around the state are listed. . . Zatz lines you up with a schedule of horse shows or vacation getaways that feature carriage rides. She covers racehorses, police horses & private horses. . . .No horsing around, any horse lover should own this iuncredibly comprehensive reference book."

30 Bicycle Tours in New Jersey (Backcountry Publications) $16.95

Discover the heart of the Garden State - its farmlands, beaches, pine barrens, lakes, and canals - by bicycle! These 30 tours, perfect for novice or expert, explore the historic towns of Flemington, Hope, and Bridgeton, among others, as well as the backwoods settlements of Batsto, Tabernacle, and Loantaka, revealing a glimpse of New Jersey's rural roots.

Each leisurely tour contains precise directions, detailed maps, and informative descriptions of the outstanding natural, cultural and historic features encountered along the way. Trips vary in length from a couple of hours to overnight. If desired, longer trips can be divided into shorter segments.Information on what to wear, bring, eat, and where to stop, whether to fish, visit a museum, or admire a flower or scenery, is included.

New Jersey's Great Gardens (Countryman Press/W.W. Norton) $19.95

Explore the gardens of the Garden State. Denise Mikics, editor of New Jersey Outdoors Magazine, noted that "The botanical, historical, anecdotal, and even mythological details Arline Zatz has woven into her poetic descriptions enlighten and delight. And the practical information she provides in this meticulously researched guide will help visitors enjoy each trip to the fullest. Visiting these horticultural gems - via print or in person - will afford gardening enthusiasts and lovers of natural beauty many happy hours."

The 125 gardens include rose, colonial, herb, Shakespeare, demonstration, education, bird, butterfly, and wildflower gardens, plus one-of-a-kind gardens in unexpected places. Most are free, and the book details hours, time of year to visit, historic background, and directions. Enjoy landscaped grounds, spectacular estates; stroll through vast arboretums with winding trails; and awaken the senses.

New Jersey's Special Places (Countryman Press/W.W. Norton) $17.95

This national award-winning book explores every nook and cranny of the state. You'll be guided step- by-step through each attraction, with descriptions of special events and where to eat and stay. Garden State residents and visitors alike will derive years of unforgettable exploration and recreation from this book. The fully detailed outings will appeal to adults and children alike.

Step back in time in the state's largest historical district, explore Revolutionary War battlefields, and see an 18th-century iron furnace. Or paddle down a meandering river, hike to the state's highest spot, and go on a safari! Talk with a vintner, sample his wines, watch artisans blowing glass, ramble through beautiful gardens, hunt for minerals in an old mine, and watch wildlife in rich sanctuaries. Don't miss America's leading golf museum and the glorious gardens.

Best Hikes with Children in New Jersey (The Mountaineers Books) $17.95

Go take a hike! The 85 hikes in this book reward explorers both young and old with fabulous views into distant valleys, the sound of meandering streams, open spaces, and fresh air. Hike the Kittatinny Mountains for unbeatable vistas; scamper upon huge boulders while overlooking the Hudson River; discover birds, reptiles, and mammals; or look for ersatz diamonds on a Cape May Beach.

Hike an hour, a morning, an entire day or overnight. Detailed trail descriptions include a quick-reference heading with information on distance (from 1 to 8 miles round-trip), difficulty (from easy to more challenging), elevation gain, and best time to go, making it easy to choose a suitable hike. Useful tips on hiking with kids, safety, and environmental awareness complete this practical guide to enjoyable hiking in the Garden State.

Reviews of Best Hikes With Children in New Jersey

Newark Star-Ledger - A thorough guide.

Union County Family There are plenty of places to hike with children in the Garden State. Luckily for parents, finding just where to go is easy, thanks to the newly revised Best Hikes with Children in New Jersey.

Asbury Park Press - Take a hike has taken on a new meaning, thanks to writer/photographer Arline Zatz.

Trentonian - Anyone looking for a way to entertain children outside once the weather warms up should scan through this book.

Real Simple - Back in the day, you loved hiking, but lately the only communing with nature you do is during play dates in the park. Get back to the woods with your kids (and pry them away from SpongeBob for a while) with the Best Hikes with Children series.

NOTE: These books are available at bookstores, on-line or, for an autographed copy, including a free packet of seeds, direct from me - at a 20% discount plus postage. Contact me for details.

On-line updates to my books


BOOK: New Jersey's Great Gardens: A Four Season Guide to 125 Public Gardens, Parks, and Arboretums --

Chapter 2 - Skylands, the New Jersey State Botanical Garden

Phone numbers have changed. The new ones are: 973-962-7031 or 973-962-2240.

Chapter 74 --- Ground For Sculpture

New Hours: Open Tuesday to Sunday; 10 am- 9 pm

Fee: now charged.

New: Museum Shop located in the Domestic Arts Building; Contains art books, kids' art kits, and related gift items. Also, Toad hall Shop & Gallery located adjacent to Rat's Restaurant and combines a unique gathering of artisans' creations along with exquisite jewelry from around the world.


BOOK: Best Hikes With Children in New Jersey

Chapter 45 - Jenny Jump.

Changes; Thanks to a reader (Thena), I've learned that parts of the trail are now badly maintained and large tree trunks block the path at two places. I shall visit Jenny Jump in the near future to see if things have improved. 

BOOK : New Jersey's Great Gardens & Arboretums

Chapter 2 - Skylands, the New Jersey State Botanical Garden

Phone numbers have changed. The new numbers are: 973-962-7031 or 973-962-2240.

Chapter 74 --- Ground For Sculpture

New Hours: Open Tuesday to Sunday; 10 am- 9 pm

Fee: now charged.

The new Museum Shop, located in the Domestic Arts Building; contains art books, kids' art kits, and related gift items. Also, Toad Hall Shop & Gallery located adjacent to Rat's Restaurant and combines a unique gathering of artisans' creations along with exquisite jewelry from around the world.


Book: 30 Bicycle Tours in New Jersey


Chapter 5 – Merrill Creek Reservoir – Easier to start the tour at the small parking lot on Fox Farm Road. This is located at the plateau prior to the sighting of the reservoir on the right side of the road. (also thanks to a note from Thena.)


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