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 Slide/Talk Presentations

Over the past several years, I've presented slide/talk shows at numerous libraries, bookstores, museums, garden clubs, Boy Scout troops, outdoor clubs, and organizations such as Moms Helping Moms. Each presentation is approximately 1-1/2 hours in length; Each attendee receives a free packet of seeds or posters, and I stay as long as anyone has a question.

Please contact me by e-mail about presenting one of the following slide/talk shows for your club or organization.

Topics include:

New Jersey's Special Places

Approximately 20 minutes of introductory talk before I show 80 slides. I discuss each slide while covering a variety of possible day trips within New Jersey. These range from museums on rainy days, to historic sites, gardens, paddle trips, hikes, and more.

New Jersey's Great Gardens

Approximately 20 minutes of introduction about gardens and arboretums in New Jersey. This is followed by a showing of 80 slides with commentary on each giving guests new ideas about where to see gorgeous gardens and arboretums within New Jersey, ranging from tiny to huge. Attendees go away with new prospective on how to develop their own gardens, whether barrel, English-style, informal, herb, etc. - and a desire to visit these places. The majority of gardens and arboretums I discuss are free.

Hiking in New Jersey

Often people ask me how to begin hiking. In this informal 15-20 minute talk, with an actual demonstration on the importance of taking a fanny pack or backpack filled with necessary items to enhance each hike, I also discuss the age at which a child is ready to hit the trail, and more. The lecture is followed by viewing 80 slides on various hikes throughout the state ranging from easy to difficult.

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