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Making weddings into fun travels

Finding ‘something old, something new,’ is one of the easy, fun parts of planning a wedding. However, figuring out how many people to invite, where to hold the happy occasion, and what to serve, can sometimes be quite a problem and, while local bookstores and libraries are filled with books offering advice on these matters, it’s important for you to decide on what you’d really like.

Is a traditional wedding what you prefer? Do you want rice tossed on you and your spouse after the ceremony? Or do you want a small wedding with a modern, environmentally sound touch? You can eat the rice and give each guest a bottle of soap bubbles instead; or have hundreds of butterflies released. It’s your wedding, so you can make it large, small, or as unique as you wish — once you decide on the number of guests, if it’s to be a formal sit-down dinner; an informal buffet served at home by a local caterer or restaurant; or a delightful brunch, lunch or dinner while cruising aboard the lovely vessel.

Love being surrounded by flowers? Order bouquets from area florists or opt for an outdoor wedding in colorful surroundings at one of your state’s gardens. Be the absolute center of attention while being wed in a gazebo at a local arboretum, botanical garden, or a museum or sculpture garden.

Are you a history buff? Perhaps being wed at a historic site is the ticket. If so, try various museums; mansions; country estates; or inns.
If lots of out-of-towners are expected, plan on having your special day at a unique hotel where the guests can stay overnight, and where they may use an indoor pool or outdoor heated pool, whirlpool, sauna, game room, and complimentary transportation within a few miles of the hotel. Of course, it’s best to plan on having the affair in a hotel that can cater the entire wedding as well. A typical wedding menu may include fruit supreme, broiled salmon, grilled chicken, penne pasta, and specialty cake with coffee or tea.

Be driven to the place of the event in a stretch limo, a horse-drawn carriage or, for an exciting experience, fly there via helicopter and land on the pad designed for that purpose. Once there, celebrate in grand style, having chosen from many dining delights.

No matter what kind of wedding you plan, the only thing to keep in mind is that it suits you and the groom . . . for this is your day!

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