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NoSweat Sweat Absorbing Disposable Hat Liner

Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Gadget #MR450 Keeps the Insects Away from YOU

Wicks Means Sweat-Free Vision to Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Wayside Gardens Ways to Deal With Mosquitoes In Your Garden

RedHead® The Hunt™ Folding Saw – small enough to fit in a daypack, tough enough to do the job

Perfective Ceuticals' Ultra-light Sunscreen SPR 40 with Titanium Dioxide Not Only Protects Skin, It Improves Appearance

Be Insect Free While Gardening with Bug out Clothing

How the Venus Flytrap Operates

Globe amaranth survived at Texas AgriLife trials where other varieties failed

Aspirinpod -- Can Save A Life!

The Armpocket -- Just the item to make gardening a joy

ThermaCELL Area Mosquito Repellent


NoSweat Sweat Absorbing Disposable Hat Liner

Having sweat pour into your eyes while fishing is most annoying - and dangerous since it blocks your vision. Now, NoSweat has come up with a sweat bsorbing disposable hat liner that promotes healthy skin hygiene, reduces sweat stains, keeps sweat out of eyes, locks-in odor & face oils, and extends the life of headgear.

It has no scent, is thin, soft & lightweight, and is a sweat stopper since it locks in sweat. It provides clear vision, is a fog controller, is breathable and easy to put onto your hat. Just peel it and stick it on. NuSweat's patented design and Dri-Lid technology is engineered to absorb forehead sweat and clear your line of vision. The company's technology permanently locks nd seals all sweat and is comp;letely dry even when it's fully saturated.

Made in the U.S.A. and available from Amazon and sporting goods stores

Wicks Means Sweat-Free Vision to Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Having sweat pour down my forehead into my eyes certainly makes it difficult to garden since I had to spend more time wiping my eyes. ,If you're tired of blurred vision or stinging eyes from sweat, try a pair of Wicks. The company has come up with a strip that keeps the sweat from your eyes that can be used while gardening, fishing, boating, riding a bike, kayaking or, performing any sports activity or while working. They are great for any physically demanding activity where “Sweat Free Vision” is a must. When sweat drips into your eyes or onto your glasses it blurs your vision and stings your eyes.

After trying to wipe my eyes one crash too many, while mountain biking, the inventor - Joseph Vanderwoort - says he hought there had to be a better way to keep sweat out of his eyes and s came up with WICKS. Standard Helmet Pads and Head/Sweat Bands just aren’t as effective, functional and simple as Wicks are.

Wicks comes in 10 pair backs for $7.99 and in an assortment of colors. For more information, please check web site

The First Restroom for Dogs! Polly Patch Solves Dog Waste Problems

Dog waste can often be a frustrating problem related to lawn care. Small amounts may produce a green up or fertilizer effect, while larger amounts often result in lawn burn or dead patches.

Keep your lawn, kids and pets clean by curbing your dog with a Potty Patch. Typically used as an indoor bathroom, new puppies can be trained to go on the Potty Patch outdoors this summer too and the great news is that the Potty Patch is perfect for patios and indoor use.


The Potty Patch helps avoid urine marks on well-manicured lawns and deck where families usually play. Supported by the American Kennel Club, the PottyPatch is a necessary item for keeping your lawn in tip-top condition.

Here are a few key tips to keep your lawn and dog healthy with use of the Potty Patch:

Consistency for at least 2-3 weeks is important to establish this as a routine, trained behavior.

Dogs should not be unsupervised in the yard while this initial training is occurring.

Train your dog to an elimination command such as:  Potty, Piddle, Do Your Business or Hurry Up, etc.

It's perfect for patios and indoor use - you'll love not going out in the rain or snow!

It's easy to clean. Just rinse it with soapy water.

It feels natural because the top portion is made of a soft artificial grass specifically designed to let liquid flow through. It's available for small or big dogs in either 17" x 27" or the large size, 27" x 34" and is made up of three tiers -- Tier one is made of a soft artificial grass specifically designed to let liquid flow through; Tier 2 has a grate to keep the grass dry and above any liquid, and Tier 3 has a collection tray that holds up to a gallon of liquid allowing multiple uses - great when you are away for the day!

This cool invention solves pet accidents indoors with its unique technology to keep odors and bacteria locked inside the device.

The Potty Patch is available at all PETCO and PetSmart locations or online at for $39.99.

Aspirinpod -- Can Save A Life!

You're enjoying gardening. Suddenly, you feel terrible pain spreading across your chest. It may be a heart attack and, heart attacks can kill. The Aspirinpod could make all the difference and save your - or someone else's life should they feel sudden pain coming on. How? it's a fact that chewing aspirin at the first sign of a heart attack can significantly improve the chances for survival, and the FDA reports that taking aspirin immediately when heart attack symptoms occur not only saves lives, but can also decrease heart damage. Studies show that chewing one uncoated 325 mg or four uncoated 81 mg aspirin immediately when heart attack symptoms first occur can increase your chances of survival.

New products are always coming out, but when I saw the Aspirinpod, I knew, immediately, that this product was not only unique, but a 'must have' for every member of my family and for friends as well.

The Aspirinpod is a red plastic tiny heart-shaped tiny container that holds one or two aspirin. It comes with a key chain that it can easily be placed in your garden tool box, glovebox, gym bag, bicycle, tool kit, handbag, yoga gear, ski jacket, golf bag, lunch box, bedside, tackle box, hunting vest, and dozens of other places. In less than a second, the container can be opened, the aspirin inside chewed, and together with calling 911, can save your life or that of a loved one. I placed one on my key ring so it will always be available.

Note: Do not take aspirin if allergic and ask your physician if aspirin is appropriate for you.

Aspirinpod can be purchased at drug stores, sporting goods stores, or is available by checking web site

The Sport 20 Armpocket

The Armpocket SPORT 20 is great for the environment. Why? Because it's made from recycled materials. The Armpocket Sport 20 is also great when you're gardening because you can insert your Ipod, cell phone, PDA, keys, anything - right inside the roomy pocket and have it out of your way.

Stylish and ultra comfortable SPORT 20 has 20 cubic inches of storage capacity, and provides easy-access to your music, cell phone or PDA, keys, ID and more when at the gym, or a training run. It's Also great when attending sport events, concerts, a day of shopping or a walk on the beach. Safe and secure from theft, pick-pockets, or purse-snatchers.

Available with a window for touch-sensitive electronics, or an easy-access front pocket it sells for approximately $29.95, you can select the strap size (Medium for arm size 10-15 inches; Small for arm size 8-11 inches), or even smaller straps. Available in black and pink it's a must-have. Options include recycled PET fabric and natural bamboo; touch-thru screen or easy-access front pocket; 4 sizes and 6 popular colors; and you can add your company, club or school logo.

Available with a window for touch-sensitive electronics, or an easy-access front pocket it sells for approximately $29.95, you can select the strap size (Medium for arm size 10-15 inches; Small for arm size 8-11 inches), or even smaller straps. Available in black and pink it's a must-have.

For details check web site


more soon


Be Insect Free While Gardening with Bug out Clothing

I, and thousands of others like me, attract every kind of insect on Earth. And they bite, hard, and swell and itch and drive me crazy. But I finally found a solution to this problem - and that is wearing special insect-proof clothing made by Bug Out.

I sampled the head cover, jacket and pants and came away without one bite!! In the meantime, some who laughed at the Bug Out clothing placed over my regular street clothes were screaming and running all over the place away from the tiny insects that were chewing on their flesh and making them bleed - while, for a change, it was I who had the last laugh.

The bug repellent clothing is made of 100% polyester and even the no-seeums couldn't get through while I was taking photographs and not being disturbed at all. Best of all, this clothing could be worn over any clothing beneath it; insect repellent could be used without harming the material, and it was used and tested in the military.

The relaxed fit design features extra long sleeves, a three position pull-over hood with draw strings that provide a complete enclosure for your head, ears and neck. Easy to see through and pull back if necessary. The draw string with cord lock allows you to adjust the bottom of the jacket to provide a secure and comfortable fit around your waist. It even comes complete with a pouch pocket for your hands or for storing items. Available in Olive Drab, sizes samll, medium, large, extra-large, and extra extra large.

Premium Bug Out Pants sell for $20.00
The relaxed fit design features an elastic waist band that comfortably fits under the jacket when the draw string is pulled and the cord lock is secured, adding another element of protection. The pants feature elastic ankle cuffs that fit securely around your boots. It comes in the above sizes.

The Jacket:

This unique design provides you with the ultimate in head and neck protection. Just slide your arms through the elastic straps, put the headnet on and you are ready to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. Its compact size makes it great for easy and carefree storage; and since it uses the same original no-see-um mesh with micro fibers you can relax in comfort knowing that Bug-Out is at work guarding you against biting and stinging insects! This is one of the best face masks available!

Size: One Size Fits All
Color: Olive Drab
Bug Out Outdoorwear helps guard against biting and stinging insects like no-see-ums, blackflies, mosquitoes, gnats, ticks - even the nymph stage of the deer tick. So whether you are digging in the garden, fishing at the lake, relaxing in the backyard or doing any other activity that requires you to be outdoors; Bug-Out Outdoorwear offers you ultimate in bug protection. Now you can fully enjoy your time outdoors without the use of potentially hazardous, dangerous, game spooking chemicals, sprays or repellents. The Bug Out System keeps biting and stinging insects out and lets air flow in. The relaxed fit design guarantees you will have time to enjoy the outdoors instead of the outdoors enjoying you.

Bug Out Outdoorwear uses a durable, lightweight see-through mesh that is 100% chemical free and is made of a chemical resistant material. This means if you want added protection you can apply deet or permanone to the material and it will not deteriorate the fabric, unlike some competitors' suits. Not only does the material help guard against biting, stinging, and crawling insects, it is proven to even help guard against the nymph stage of the deer tick, a most aggressive biter that causes Lyme Disease.

The Bug Out System has even passed the U.S. Military's extensive testing and approval process. It has been used in Somalia, Africa, Bosnia, Haiti and South America. Bug Out Outdoorwear is the preferred brand of insect protection. The patented design creates a total enclosure that protects you...but still allows for visibility and comfort.

For details or to order, contact Burleson Sporting Company at 1-800-871-5346 24 hours a day.


RedHead® The Hunt™ Folding Saw – small enough to fit in a daypack, tough enough to do the job

I tried this new product to cut branches in my backyard - and it was excellent at doing a quick job - and safe, too, thanks to the non-slip handle material that's good when wet or dry.

The RedHead® The Hunt™ Folding Saw makes cutting small branches and clearing underbrush a snap. Plus, at just 8.2 inches closed and 14.3 inches open, it’s the perfect size for stowing in your daypack. Because it weighs only 7.7 ounces, you won’t even notice it’s there.

The RedHead Hunt Folding Saw is the perfect tool whether you need to cut shooting lanes around your treestand or clear underbrush to pitch a tent. The Hunt™ Saw can even handle the task of field dressing big game.

The durable 6-plus inch M65 steel blade features wide, double beveled teeth for pinch-free cutting even in the greenest wood. Textured, non-slip handle material is ribbed to provide sure grip in wet or dry conditions.

The Hunt™ Folding Saw from RedHead® is available for just $19.99 at or your nearest Bass Pro Shops® store.

RedHead® The Hunt™ Folding Saw

• Solid construction
• 6.1 M65 steel blade
• Wide, double beveled teeth for pinch free cutting
• Ribbed grip for safe secure cutting in all conditions
• Weighs less than 8 ounces
• Easily packable
• MSRP: $19.99
• Available at:



Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Gadget #MR450

Nothing is more annoying than being in my garden - whether it's relaxing in my hammoch or planting seeds than having insects swarm down on me -- biting me every place they can. Because I'm allegic to insect bites (they swell up and take days to disappear and itch like crazy), I have to endure it because I love being outdoors.

Until recently, it wasn't unusual for me to suffer 10-20 really itchy bites - whether it was from a mosquito or another biting critter - and even no-see-ums. Now, at last, I'm free of those horrible, itchy bites that swell up and take days to disappear -- thanks to discovering Thermacell's new, improved Mosquito Repellent gadget, #MR450.

This unique product offers a zone of 15' x 15f' mosquito protection, is rubber armored, has a zone check indicator, and a redesigned grill - plus an adjustable belt that fits around my waist AND a sturdy clip that allows the gadget to hang onto my clothing, belt, or even archery bag.

Its heat activated mat releases repellent into the air crating a 15' x 15' zone of protection, and includes 3 Mosquito Repellent mats (each mat lasts a maximum of 4 hours; one butane cartridge (each butane cartridge lasts a maximum of 12 hours; one CR2032 battery; and the belt clip.

Best of all, Thermacell stands behind its products and quality. If you're not completely satisfied with your Thermacell purchase, it can be returned to the company for repair, replacement, or refund.

This product may be purchased at most sporting goods stores, from amazon Wal-mart, and other stores. For more information, contact Thermacell Repellents, Inc., 26 Crosby Drive, Redford, MA 01730; email-; or call toll free at 866-753-3837.

ThermaCELL Area Mosquito Repellent

If mosquitoes have been biting you as you garden, They can pose a serious problem, especially during dawn and dusk, the peak times they look for victims. Mosquito borne illnesses are a real concern, for juveniles and seniors, who make up more than 25 percent of vegetable gardeners.

Fear no more -- for ThermaCELL has the solution -- the ThermaCELL Area Mosquito Repellent! No more swatting, no more lotions or sprays, and no need to buy expensive bug tents or suits. Best of all, no more insect bites! The ThermaCELL appliances and lanterns provide 98% protection from biting insects within a 15 x 15 foot radius which is perfect for gardening or sitting on the deck or patio.

How it works: ThermaCELL area mosquito repellent appliances are small and portable, weigh less than a pound and are approximately the same size as a television remote. The ThermaCELL butane cartridge heats a mat releasing allethrin, an insect repellent that is a synthetic copy of a natural insecticide found in chrysanthemum flowers. Each mat contains enough repellent for four hours of protection.

Outdoor enthusiasts have a choice of hand-held ThermaCELL devices that include the , a tabletop lantern that keeps uninvited bugs at bay. All appliances are portable and provide the same 15 ft. x 15 ft. zone of 98% protection according to tests conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense. And the protection is applied in just minutes and lasts for hours, while with just the press of a button, these products can be turned on or off.

For more information on ThermaCELL's complete line of products or store locations, visit or call 1-8-NO-SKEETERS (866-753-3837).


Therapik -- The New Way to Temporarily Relieve Pain and Itch from Insect Stings and Bites

I tried this new product that the company advertises as clinically proven, drug-free relief in 30 seconds and is reusable. And, I found that it works and works well in about 20-30 seconds. It is said to also work on the painful stings of bees and wasps. Based on a very simple, scientifically proven principal, Therapik's soothing heat temporarily relieves the pain and itching by increasing localized blood flow to the affected area.

The directions are simple: Make certain the area is dry and remove all moisture with a tissue. Then, immediately after the bite or sting, place the round red applicator tip gently onto the surface of the skin where you were bitten or stung. To acitivate, press and hold the large blue activation button. Keep the button pressed as long as the heat is bearable onto the skin. The average application time is 20 to 30 seconds or more. If you feel the heat may be burning your skin, stop the treatment immediately. If the application feels too hot, you may be applying too much pressure keeping it applied too long. the gentle placement on the treatment area, I found, allows for a comfortable thermal therapy treatment. If symptoms persist, Therapik may be applied multiple times until relief is obtained. Wait at least 60 seconds between each application.

Therapik is powered by a 9-volt battery, not included with the purchase. The product is guaranteed for one year replacement guarantee under normal operating conditions.

For more information contact the manufactuer, Jenex Corporation, Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7L 5K6 or the distributor, More Power 2 U, Sales and Service Department, 4638 N. Hiatus Road, Sunrise, FL 33351; 954-578-6909.


Wayside Gardens Ways to Deal With Mosquitoes In Your Garden

Mosquitoes: those uninvited guests that love to give the gift that keeps on itching. These pests have plagued humanity since they burst from Pandora’s box and we’ve been at war with them ever since. Instead of constant swatting and harsh chemicals why not try some smart solutions to keep your garden pest free.

Remove possible breeding sites.

If you have a mosquito problem, it is likely that you are breeding them in your own garden. Taking a few small preventative measures and eliminating possible breeding spots will greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes plaguing your outdoor spaces.
Water scopes in outdoors stores stagnant water and breeding ground for mosquito

Always clear out areas with stagnant water as it is a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes

Mosquitoes must have haves standing water for laying eggs and maturing larvae. Most often the source may not be obvious. Buckets, barrels, garbage cans, or pools of standing water left by a leaky faucet could be causing your problem.

Flush out birdbaths at least once a week. Make sure you roof gutters and your street gutters stay clear and clean. Do not water your lawn too often letting water pool for days at a time. If you live in a particularly rainy area, you may want to fill in low spots that tend to puddle, or you could even plant a few moisture loving plants to soak up the excess water.

Welcome mosquito predators.

Mosquitoes’ natural predators include birds, toads, dragonflies, and fish. Dragonflies, toads and frogs are probably going to be your biggest allies.
frog in a flowerpot plus a golden marigold

Frogs and marigolds are two great defenses against mosquitoes

Place birdhouses and toad homes in your backyard to entice them to stay around and eat your mosquitoes. What’s a toad home, you ask? Simply upturn a terracotta pot onto some moist ground and leave a small space for the guest to enter and wait. Toads aren’t picky and will happily move right in – especially if you’ve got a fully stocked pantry of skeeters to munch on.

Dragonflies usually habit the same places as mosquitoes, but planting a few water plants can make them feel a little more at home. You can try cattails, bulrushes, or any other tall grassy water plants that is native to your area.

If you have a pond or a large enough water feature stocking with mosquitofish and guppies will greatly reduce the frequency of mosquito larvae. Dragonfly larvae will also feed on the mosquito larvae.

Plant Things They Hate

Citronella Grass and oil on citronella grass leave background ** Note: Shallow depth of field. Citronella Grass and oil are time tested and effective methods of pest control

Citronella is an ever popular option, but there are others such as marigolds, bee balm (aka Horsemint), catnip (more fun for kitty too!) and ageratum that do a fantastic job of keeping these infamous blood suckers at bay. Most of these plants emit a pungent odor that the bugs can’t stand which makes them more likely to avoid your garden altogether.

By implementing these simple changes you and your guests can finally enjoy your garden in peace.

For more tips from Wayside Gardens & to order plants, go to web site Wayside or write to Wayside Gardens,- 1 Garden Lane- Hodges, SC 29647


How the Venus Flytrap Operates

Have you ever witnessed the Venus Flytrap closing its leaves around an insect? It's truly amazing how it happens in less than one-tenth of a second. Thanks to a French and American team usig a high-speed camera, they now know that this speedy movement is caused by structural tension similar to the way a contact lens flips from concave to convex when it's handled. The team figured out that the action is due to the complex curvature of the leaves, creating powerful tension. Scientist Mahadevan and his associates painted tiny flurescent dots on the elaves of a flytrap and then filmed it under ultraviolet light. Using mirrors to record stereoscopic images, they were able to determine how the leaves' shape changed when an insect was captured.

The plant is able to open itself over about an eight-hour period, leaving it in a delicately balanced tension between open and closed. However, how the plant opens still isn't understood, but scientists think it involves pumping water into specific cells.


Follow on, FacebookBurpee and on Twitter Burpee for exciting news, tips and promotions as well as this site. Or call Burpee directly at 1 800-888-1447.

Location: W. Atlee Burpee & Co. 300 Park Avenue Warminster, PA 18974


To place your order by phone, call 1-888-821-0448 and mention code KKA7009A. Or write to Dutch Gardens, 144 Intervale Road, Burlington, VT 05401


Top Container Plants For Autumn

Container plants offer gardeners a great way to save space in the yard. They also provide wonderful decoration for a sunny porch or deck. Ideal for first-time gardeners, container plants can be mixed together in larger pots to create mini-gardens. This fall, Park Seed is offering eleven container classics that are sure to spice up the fall garden.

Princess Lilies®
Absolutely the top container plants of the season, these miniature Peruvian Lilies cover themselves with blooms for over two long seasons. Best in dappled sun in most climates, they need no special care to flower continuously for 4 months or more.
Princess Oxana -Burgundy flowers highlighted with a yellow center
Princess Isabella -Rich golden-orange blooms
Princess Fabiana -A narrow band of white edges each dark green leaf, complimenting the white blooms that are striped and streaked with soft yellow
Princess Paola -Rosy-pink stripes decorate the center of each white petal, finished with a cluster of streaked red and yellow in the center

These products can be viewed on

Park Seed Offers A Giant Bloom with a Ruffled, Starry Look-- the Kingfisher™ Clematis

This plant was developed by Raymond J. Evison, a master Clematarian. Reblooming Clematis are a rare delight, but seldom do you see such a giant-flowered variety repeat . . . with just as many flowers the second time around as the first! Kingfisher™ is a magnificent new Clematis from the master of the Queen of Climbers, Raymond J. Evison. It sets huge 6- to 7-inch blue blooms with thick petals that overlap at the base, creating a ruffled, three-dimensional look before tapering to a point for a starry silhouette. A single flush of these flowers is a treat, but two a year is almost embarrassing!

The flowers arise first in spring on plants 6 to 8 feet tall and 2 to 3 feet wide. Ideal for cutting, they dwarf the foliage and steal the show in any setting. Then they repeat in late summer to early autumn, followed by large, silvery-white seedheads that impart an airy look to the late-season garden. Whether you grow it up a lamppost, let it thread through a fence, or train it up a trellis, this Clematis is nothing short of stunning.

Content with its roots shady and cool while its tops (aboveground growth) are sunny and warm, Kingfisher™ thrives in well-mulched soil in full sun in all but the hottest climates. It is in Pruning Group II, so needs a hard pruning in late winter. Very vigorous and floriferous, it is an outstanding climber for any garden or large container. Zones 4-9.

For more information or to order, contact Park Seed Company, 1 Parkton Ave , Greenwood, SC 29647; 800-213-0076  or check web site

Order Veggies Online

There's nothing more convenient than ordering your vegetable plants online and having them shipped straight to your front door. Park sends only the biggest and strongest of the bunch to ensure your success and get your vegetable garden started off right. Simply plant them, water them in, and watch them take off. It's that simple!

The company's original Whopper has been a classic variety for decades, and now they've improved it for bigger harvests and even meatier flavor. 'Park's Whopper CR Improved VFFNT' Hybrid Tomato offers greater disease resistance, a longer season, and more succulent tomato flavor in every slice.

Add garden accessories like Tomato AlgoFlash to your order, and you'll have earlier and bigger harvests of fresh sun-ripe veggies. And don't forget - you still have time to start vegetable seeds. Choose from hundreds of different vegetable varieties for the tastiest, most productive crops ever!
Plants and bulbs will be shipped at the proper planting time for your area.

The Call Center is Open on Weekends! Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and Sunday 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time at 800-213-0076

Or contact Park Seed Co., 1 Parkton Ave., Greenwood, SC 29647, 800-213-0076 web site; E-Mail


Wayside Gardens Clematis - "Queen of the Climbers

Clematis has long been hailed as the Queen of the Climbers, and Wayside's selections prove exactly why. With extravagant blooms, lush foliage, and a versatility in color and form that is seen in no other vine, they'll weave adaptable, hardy beauty into your landscape for a lifetime of outstanding garden performance.
Award-winning Clematis 'Broughton Star' offers thousands of semi-double blooms over a long season. Its new spring foliage emerges in bright bronzy tones and remains as flowers begin to appear, creating a stunning display! This popular vine never needs pruning and is a favorite for clambering over walls, through open-habit shrubs, and alongside climbing roses.

For details and information on Wayside's new contest, check out Wayside Gardens: America's Premier Source of Choice Plants and Bulbsm Garden Lane, Hodges, SC 29695-0001 | 800-213-0379;

Wayside Hostas - An Exceptional Array of Colors and Textures

Far from ordinary, today's Hostas stand out as the perfect shade perennial for hardy, low-maintenance beauty and an endless variety in shape, color, texture, and size.  Whether you need a large, bold specimen to catch attention as a focal point or a ground cover that blends in with other shade dwellers, there's a Hosta to suit every garden's style and growing conditions.

To order or for more information, contact Wayside Gardens at 1 Garden Lane, Hodges, SC 29695-0001 | 800-213-0379 or go to web site

For details and information on Wayside's new contest, check out Wayside Gardens: America's Premier Source of Choice Plants and Bulbsm Garden Lane, Hodges, SC 29695-0001 | 800-213-0379;


Coming Soon!


Coppertone Products

Coppertone Sunscreens Will Protect You from the Sun's Harmful Rays

Today, melanoma cases are on the increase - and is one of the major & deadliest Cancer killers. Be safe, apply sunscreen frequently, and stay out of the sun during peak hours. Coppertone makes various sunscreens to choose from depending on your outdoor activities and preferences, as follows:

Coppertone Sport AccuSpray Sunscreen

The company's Coppertone Sport AccuSpray Sunscreen is available in SPF 15, 30, 50, and 70 6 oz. continuous spray, and has a unique, patented technology that delivers a continuous spray you can control. Coppertone Sport sunscreens stay on strong when you sweat so they won't run into eyes and sting, while protecting skin during vigorous outdoor exercise. This first-to-market innovation from the #1 sport sunscreen brand provides an improved delivery solution designed to help reduce mess and waste through targeted sunscreen application.

According to the company, it is:

-- The only sunscreen product line with patented accurate spray technology

-- Continuous Spray Sunscreen you can control

-- High performance, durable formulas

-- Controlled application designed to reduce waste and mess

-- Stays on strong when you sweat; won't run into eyes ad sting

-- Water resistant (80 minutes)

-- Photostable, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection

It is available nationwide at food, drug and most internet retailers for the suggested retail price of $9.99.

Coppertone Sport Lip Balm SPF 30

This lip balm worked great while I was kayaking, feels good on my lips and does the job.

It is a convenient new lip offering from the #1 sport sunscreen brand and helps smooth and soften lips while providing broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

It is portable; photostable, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection; and water resistant (80 minutes).

Coppertone Sport Lip Balm SPF 30 is available in 15 oz., and available nationwide at food, drug, mass and internet retailers for the suggested retail price of $2.99.

Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Lotion

Available in SPF 30, 50, 80 and 100+. I especially liked the feel of this lotion which protected my skin during my kayaking with bright sun shining down. It didn't run into my eyes or sting and offered, according to the manufacturer, broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays and helped fortify skin's natural defenses by replenishing the antioxidants depleted during sun exposure.

It is water resistant for 80 minutes; photostable, broad spectrum, UVA/UVB protection, is enriched with replenishing antioxidants to help fortify skin's natural defenses and has a no slip grip.

Note: All Coppertone lotions and sprays with an SPF 15 or greater in stores today already meet the newly announced 2012 standard for 'broad spectrum' protection.

This product is available in SPF 30 and 50 in 8 oz. lotions; SPF 80 in 6 oz. lotion; and SPF 100+ in 4 oz. lotion. It is available nationwide at food, drug, mass and Internet retailers at a suggested retail price of $9.99.

Coppertone Sport Sunscreen Stick SPF 55

The sunscreen in this stick stays on when you sweat and protects skin during outdoor activities year-round. It also offers broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays which can cause sun damage and burning.

It is water resistant for 80 minutes; is portable; photostable, broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and specially formulated to provide spot protection for sun exposed areas like the ears, nose and face.

Available in 0.6 oz, at nationwide food, drug mass and Internet retailers at the suggested retail price of $5.49.

Perfective Ceuticals

Perfective Ceuticals' Ultra-light Sunscreen SPR 40 with Titanium Dioxide Not Only Protects Skin, It Improves Appearance

NOTE: I tried this new sunscreen and found it applies easily, isn't greasy like most sunscreen products tend to be, has no odor (great for those allergic to perfumes); and was great for my skin.

No doubt you've read or heard from your physician how important it is to protect against skin damage - especially when you're out gardening. Perhaps you don't use a sunblock thinking it's cloudy out? Wrong. You can get severe skin damage even when the sun isn't shining. Thankfully, Perfective Ceuticals has introduced its Ultra-light Sunscreen SPF 40 with Titanium Dioxide.

This proprietary formula, developed by Perfetive Ceuticals with the help of biochemists and doctors, not only provides protection against UVA and UVB rays, but it improves the texture and appearance of skin the more it's used, according to the company. Perfect to wear alone, over daily moisturizer or as an invisible makeup primer, this sunscreen can help reduce the size of noticeable pores.

Its beneficial ingredients inclufe:

-- Titanium Dioxide: An earth mineral used in sunscreens. Capable of creating a physical barrier to block both UVA and UVB

-- Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract: An herb used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-irritant.

-- Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate: A form of Vitamin C Ester. Works as a powerful antioxidant to prevent cellular aging by inhibiting the cross-linking collagen, oxidation of proteins and lipid percutaneous absorption and stability.

-- Prunus Yedoensis Leaf Extract: Has positive effects on improvement of noticeable pores, and improvement of skin elasticity.

Using an exclusive ultra-light technology, Perfective Ceuticals' Ultra-light Sunscreen SPF 40 with Titanium Dioxide glides on smoothly leaving the skin with a soft, non-grasy finish. It is non-comedogenic and fragrance-free.

This product retails for $36. For more details and to purchase, go to web site

About Perfective Ceuticals:

Perfective Ceuticals is allied with renowned biochemists, medical specialists and doctors in developing the finest and most advanced formulas to provide comprehensive solutions targeting the aspects of skin aging. The company addresses the importance of complimenting cutting edge science with naturally derived ingredients and century old methods that have proven results.


SOIL MATES - Great for potting & other big jobs!

SOIL MATES are ideal for moving potting soil from a bag to a pot or planter.  Each
of the specially shaped SOIL MATES holds 3-5 times more soil than an average size trowel or a hand.  Use them also for any other loose materials such as fertilizers,
bird seeds, etc.

How to Use for Potting:

Very easy, fast and virtually spill-free --- here are some ideas:

• Place plant in the center of the pot.
• Insert the smaller SOIL MATE between the plant and the inside of the
        pot or planter and push it against the root ball to create an opening.
• Using the larger SOIL MATE as a scoop, drop potting soil into the space
        you created.  

SOIL MATES are great with planters which have liners of moss and coconut fibers.

How to Dig a Perfect Hole in Seconds:

• Using one or both SOIL MATES, push them into the ground to define the
    size of the hole you want to create (optimum size 5-10").
• Then insert the SOIL MATES, on opposing sides of the area you defined.
• Push the bottoms together and lift the soil out of the ground.

Because of the unique shape of the SOIL MATES, the bottom of the hole will be flat
and ready for planting.  Recommended only for soft soil.

Transplanting - Root Ball Stays Intact

In much the same manner as described to dig a hole, work on both sides of the
plant you wish to move.  The fairly sharp bottoms of the SOIL MATES make them
ideally suited for breaking up root balls before planting.  They are also perfect for
dividing and transplanting small to medium size perennials.

Empty Pots or Planters Fast and Clean:

If you wish to prepare a previously used large pot or planter for a new plant, simply
use the SOIL MATES for quick and spill-free removal of existing soil.  It is similar to
digging a hole as shown above.  You may either use one or both SOIL MATES.

Scooping up Dirt:

SOIL MATES are perfectly suited for picking up any loose material (dirt, pebbles,
seeds, etc.) from a flat surface such as a table, floor or terrace.  Just push the two
SOIL MATES together as shown in the picture and lift them up.

More Uses for SOIL MATES:

•  Use them for bird seeds and pet food
•  Spread salt to de-ice driveway and walkways
•  Remove cold ashes from a fireplace
•  Remove snow and ice from a windshield
•  Mix concrete
•  Scoop up compost
•  Stir potting mix when adding water
•  Mixing up soil components such as peat moss,
 compost, sand etc.

What distinguishes our patented SOIL MATES from other regular trowels or scoops is their flat bottom and slightly curved design. This makes them ideal for potting, transplanting and digging holes. They are made of strong, light-weight nylon, have
colorful PVC foam grips for added comfort and are practically unbreakable.  As you can see in the pictures on web site, they are a
truly multi-purpose tool for house and garden.

Available on-line for $13.95 (set of 2), plus shipping and handling, from INNOVATIVE GARDEN PRODUCTS, INC. 6 Spielman Road, Fairfield, NJ 07004;
973-227-3135 or 973-882-8877,   Fax: 973-882-8918 or via E-mail:, Attention: Dieter Baars

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